Nature One

The nature one is the largest electronic dance music in Europe.

natureone-300x200The Nature One is an event that begins Thursday and ends Sunday. The event is always on the first weekend in August and has also always a huge camping site where around 25 thousand juvenile party people and have fun.




Here the Linup of the nature one 2013:

Nature One Linup 2013

Here the Linup from last year:

Linup 2010 |  Linup 2011 |  Linup 2012


Tents on the nature;

nature_one_camping-300x199The camping is almost the best thing about the nature. Almost more than 25 thousand techno friends gather each year. There are also several small forums or groups that build large plants and set himself to make music. There are also many who remain complete on the grounds and not on the event grounds go thus to save money.

Nature one

History of the nature one Pydna

History of the Nature One already goes back in the year 1995. The first techno Festival took place still on the airport area of Frankfurt-Hahn, but already in 1996 it was moved to the former Pydna missile base and a large amount since then attracts visitors. To the start of the nature one’s were about 13,000 visitors. In 2011, convinced the Festival on the Pydna already 54,000 joyful dance techno friends and allows guests to an unforgettable weekend on the festival grounds.

Back to nature – techno Festival nature one

Not only lovers of electronic music from Germany, but from all over Europe visit the Festival every year. Especially the neighboring countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, France, Austria and the Switzerland are represented at the Pydna. In 2010, this festival was elected already for the tenth time as the best event in the area of electronic dance music. International sizes of the techno scene put up and inspire the audience with their rhythms. With of Pydna was a large and remote terrain chosen immersed in nature, which the visitors of nature one plenty of space to the dance, celebrate and camp offers. The Festival even has its own anthem. Every year DJ work together and produce an anthem that is the motto of the Festival and suggests a special flair to the guests.
Would you dance and visit the largest Festival on this sector, should you be the annual nature one Pydna Festival not miss to electronic music. You the techno will be the sounds of many international sizes scene excited and can spend a weekend in the middle of the nature which will remain unforgettable memories.
But not only the music here ensures an unforgettable experience. With a unique light show nature is celebrated one and presents widely visible in the surrounding countryside. Here mainly LED and laser technology is used. Accompanied by the own festival anthem is which is the crowning of the unforgettable festival on the night of Saturday to Sunday presents a fireworks.

Have fun at the nature one Pydna

Use the nature one Pydna Festival omitted to celebrate, to spend a weekend in good company and DJ renowned to the sounds of’s techno dance scene. You will be amazed by the variety of musical performances and attend a Festival, which is unparalleled in this sector. All genres of electronic music is presented here and you will find that boredom here is a foreign Word. The innovation of the event is the fact to combine every year various genres of electronic music and unite to a broad audience.
The long history of the nature one Festival with an increasing trend in the number of visitors shows that the philosophy of the organizers to goes. Have you one Pydna once visited the nature, you will include also to the permanent guests and travel back to the Festival next year. For all lovers of electronic music, many artists perform and animate to the dance, celebrate and a common experience with friends and peers from different countries in Europe.